What is Youtube Shorts & How to Upload Videos on it?

You might have heard of Tiktok app which was very famous entertainment app among the creators where people used to upload every type of creative videos and become very popular.

Few months back Tiktok was totally banned in India by the Government and then many tiktok clone applications like MXtakatak, snack videos, etc. came in to play and gained millions of users across India but none of them where able to provide that quality and user interface which was availble in tiktok app.

Watching the love of short videos Youtube recently launched the feature of Youtube shorts.

What is Youtube Shorts?

Youtube shorts is a new feature that is added on the Youtube app itself through which now creators on Youtube can easily create their own shorts videos of length less than 60 seconds and can become famous easily.

Youtube shorts is very much similar to TikTok app where you can shoot or upload vertical short videos from the camera of your phone and edit videos, add a filter, add music to your videos from the music library, and much more.

The Youtube shorts feature is currently in the beta version and is provided to only a few users and it is rolling out slowly to every user.

How to Create and Upload Youtube Short Videos?

Since this feature is available to only limited users and rolling out so, don’t worry if you have still not got this feature because I will tell you how to upload short videos for both who have got and who has still not got these features.

First of all, go to Google play store and update the Youtube app if there is any update available.

Now open the Youtube app and make sure that you are log in with your respective Gmail account into your youtube app.

Navigate to the home page and in the bottom center look for the plus sign and click to open it.

Now if you have already got the short feature then you will able to see an option of Create Short Video where you need to click and then record the vertical video by pressing the red button and then upload it.

if there is no option of create short video then pre record the vertical video from your phone and then upload it to YouTube normally like other video but before uploading the video make sure that you include #shorts hashtag in the title and description of your videos.

YouTube itself has written in their blog that if you have not got the short feature but want to show your short vertical videos in the short video list then you must make use of these hashtags as this will help the Youtube algorithm to understand that this is the short video and it will be displayed.


There are millions of users on Youtube that will get the benefit of this feature by showing their creativity and talents online however YouTube has said nothing by monetization of short videos but I think it will be very beneficial for small creators to grow their channel fast by gaining subscribers.

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