What is USB Tethering?

Whenever you go to the settings of your phone to open the hotspot of your mobile then you might have noticed an option of USB tethering but do you know what is tethering and how to use this feature to connect your mobile with a laptop or computer and use the data of your mobile phone very easily.

So, first let’s discuss what is tethering and then types of tethering and how to use these features, and what is their advantages and disadvantages.

What is tethering?

Tethering is a way of sharing mobile data with computer, laptop or other devices that uses internet services.

Tethering uses mobile as a modem and mobile data to enable internet services on other devices that need internet access.

There are generally 3 types of tethering:

Portable Hotspot

This is the most common type of wireless tethering in which the hotspot of the mobile whose internet data is to be shared is opened and other devices on which the internet is accessed is connected wireless with the help of a password.

Using portable hotspot we can connect more than one device on the same network.

USB Tethering

This is another most common type of internet sharing method in which we can enable mobile data on a laptop or computer by connecting the data-enabled phone via USB cable with the computer.

The main draw back of this type of tethering is that we can connect only once device to the internet at one time.

Bluetooth Tethering

In this type of tethering one can connect with the mobile internet using the Bluetooth of the phone but at a time only one device can connect. This consumes very less battery of your phone but the internet speed is quite slow.

How to connect computer via USB tethering

To enable internet on the computer via USB tethering first of all go to your mobile settings.

In the mobile settings search for Portable Hotspot.

There you will get an option of USB tethering but the button is disabled. In order to enable this option first connect your phone with the USB cable and then insert other end of the cable to the computer where you need to access the internet.

Now you can enable the option of USB tethering. Once it is enabled wait for few seconds for the computer to computer to connect the mobile data.

Go and open any browser and search for anything to check weather the internet connection is working or not.

If any problem occurs then make sure that the USB cable is properly connected with both the mobile charging port and computer USB port.

You are all done! Enjoy

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