What is Face Lock and How to Enable it in Smart Phone

Earlier face lock feature was available for very high security devices but with advancing technology it has became so common that this feature is easily available in a budget smartphones.

So, if you have a new smartphone with AI face unlock feature and you want to enable it to enhance the security of your phone then I will tell you how to do its settings. So lets begin…

What is AI Face Unlock?

Face unlock feature came in to existence with android 4.0 but this technology was not much popular because at that time the camera which was used by smartphone where of less mega pixel and therefore mostly they failed to recognize faces.

Nowadays every high-end mobile phone use artificial intelligence in their camera to capture accurate photos and that’s the reason AI face unlock became very popular now.

Like pattern lock and finger print lock, face lock uses your face to unlock the phone by matching your face with the photo that has already captured and saved in the memory while setting this feature.

How AI Face Lock Feature Works?

The AI face lock like other security features will ask you to setup for the first time. In this you need to put your face in front of the mobile at different angles.

The Infrared sensor along with the front camera put multiple imaginary dots on your face and builds 3D model of your face and saves it in memory.

We know the face of every human being is different and hence these imaginary dots defines different disatnce between different dots as a identification.

Once the 3D face model is saved in the mobile memory, every time when the user put his face in front of the phone camera it quickly unlocks.

How to Enable Face Unlock in Smart Phone

Before using this feature make sure that your phone comes with this technology.

In this case I am taking Redmi note 9 pro max as an example

  • Open your phone and go to Settings.
  • Search for “face unlock” in the search box or scroll down to find Passwords & Security and click to open it.
  • Then click Face Unlock and it will ask to draw a pattern if your phone has an existing pattern lock.
  • After drawing the correct pattern it will ask you to add 2D face data.
  • Click on the Next button.
  • A camera will open asking you to capture your face from all sides.
  • Once the camera scans your face a green tick will appear and you are all set.
  • Go back >> lock your phone and then just open the phone by pressing power button and when the screen is wake just bring your face in front of the camera of your phone.
  • Your phone will open in a seconds.


This technology is now widely used in high end mobile phone like I phone X, Oppo phones.

It makes the phone unlocking fast and smart but sometimes it is not successful like it fails in the condition of low light since it is unable to recognize your face clearly.

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