What is Backlink and Its Importance in SEO

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Hello friends, if you are a beginner in the world of blogging then you might have heard about the term ‘backlinks’ while reading some basic SEO techniques but have you ever wondered how to build quality backlinks for your website and why is it so important in ranking your site.

Don’t worry, in this article I will explain everything about it from building high quality backlinks for your website up to its importance.

What is Backlink?

When one website uses the link or URL of another website in their post or article then the website whose link has been used is said to gain one backlink.

In simple words, we can say that it is a type of link that connects one website with another. Let’s understand this with an example, suppose there are two websites, the first one is a blog website that publishes articles on the best universities in the world and the second is the university website.

Now suppose the first website publishes an article where he list top 10 universities of the world along with their websites and he also mentions the URL link of the second website since it comes under top 10 university then it is said that the second website has got one backlink from the first website.

Backlinks play a very important role in improving the ranking of the site in search engine results but just linking sites from any other low-quality site may negatively affect your site ranking so, make sure that you try to get a natural backlink from a high domain authority website.

Types of Backlinks

There are two type of backlinks:

Do-Follow Backlinks

The links that are included in the website article that passes the link juice is called do follow backlinks. Such types are links are very important in ranking your sites because it indicates the search engines about how important your website is that someone has mentioned in their article.

No-Follow Backlinks

When any website uses the link of another website but makes use of a no-follow tag then it does not pass any link juice and therefore such links are considered as no-follow backlinks.

Such types of links has no role in SEO.

How to Build High Qaulity Backlink for your Blog/ Website

The only way to build high quality backlink is through guest blogging. It is considered one of the best and natural method. There are many website that allows guest blogging on their site.

For high quality backlinks first of all find similar niche website that has high domain and profile authority that allows guest blogging.

Visit such websites and write an article where you need to include a link to your website as shown below:

For example, you have a recipe website where you have written an article on how to make chicken and you want to build a backlink for that article then first of all go and find some high domain authority website that allows guest blogging on their site then start writing an article and then include your link inside anchor tag as shown below:

<a href=”www.yourwebsite.com/how-to-make-chicken”>how to make chicken</a>

It can also be built by commenting links in the comment box of others website but such backlinks are of no use since they do not pass link juice.

Importance of Backlinks in SEO

Backlinks are very essential factor that affects search engine optimization of the website since it tells the search engine about how valuable your website is.

For example you have created a new website that is very helpful for people in day today life but very few of them know about your website.

Now any famous news website writes an article about your site and mention the link to your site. When Google will crawl the news website then it will discover that such a high quality news website has mentioned the link of your website.

This will help search engine to understand that there might be something special and therefore it is necessary to rank such website.

In this way your site is ranked easily. However, backlink alone does not improve your site ranking but there are other factors too.

Note: Avoid creating backlinks on low quality sites as this may negatively affect your site ranking.

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