How to Install WordPress on Google Cloud Platform

Hello friends, If you have purchased Google Hosting but don’t know how to install WordPress on Google cloud hosting then follow up this tutorial and I will tell you how you easily install wordpress and start hosting your site at a very low cost.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud platform is a tool provided by Google where one can store, manage and process data on the internet remotely without using their own computers or servers.

For example on Google cloud one can host static site using buckets or host dynamic website by installing C panel on remote servers.

Not only these there are also numerous services that Google cloud provides us at one place.

It is very easy to use and manage because of it user friendly interface.

Steps to Install WordPress on Google Cloud

Go to and sign in to your Google cloud platform account.

After successful Sign in click on the Console button on the top right.

Wait for the dashboard to load fully and then click on the three lines at the top left.

From the list scroll down and search for Marketplace and click to open it.

Now a search box will appear where you need to search “wordpress”.

When search for wordpress thena list of different wordpress will appear.

Here you need to select one in whose description will be written Google click to deploy and type as virtual machines as shown in below screenshot and click to open it.

Next a page will open where you need to click on Launch button and wait until the next page is loaded.

Now you have to select the server where you are going to install the wordpress.

First give the deployment name. It can be anything of your choice.

Next, you need to select the zone where your server will reside. I will recommend selecting the US instead of Aisa as it will cost you less and this is not going to affect your site loading speed.

Next, you have to select the machine type. The selection of the machine depends upon the type of website. If you are creating a simple blog then micro CPU as you need very less memory because the text does not take much space but if your site receives lots of traffic and the content is also large then must go for small or 2 small CPU but it will cost you little higher.

After selecting the machine type scroll down and make sure in the last Allow HTTP traffic from the Internet and Allow HTTPS traffic from the Internet option is tick and then click on Deploy button.

This process will take few minutes to deploy.

Once the process is complete you will be displayed with your wordpress account information like username and temporary password which will be used to login in to your wordpess account.

Make sure that you note it down to avoid any trouble while logging in future.


Google cloud hosting is considered one of the best hosting because Google itself uses cloud hosting services for their products like Youtube, Gmail, etc.

It is most reliable and cheap cloud hosting with many extra features.

Thank you

What is Google Cloud Platform

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