How to Grow Facebook Page

As a new creator if you are thinking that is it possible to grow your page on Facebook organically, then I would like to tell you that yes of course it is very simple to grow your page without boosting it.

Many creators are still growing their page instantly so why cannot you. Here we need to understand the algorithms of the Facebook that has been changed and if we create content according to the algorithm then definitely every creator can grow his/her page.

In this post I will tell you some tips and tricks to get more like and followers on your page organically. so, stick to this post without skipping any single paragraph.

Regular Posting

The best practice to grow your page fast is the regular posting of content. This helps to increase engagement of your followers and when they share any of your posts then you will receive benefits in the form of likes and follows.

Join Groups

The best way to gain followers is by joining different public groups related to your niche.

For example, if you are creating a recipe page then through the page join different recipes group and every time after uploading the post share to the groups and ask people to like and follow your page.

This will help you to grow followers on large scale as I have my own experience, withing sharing of videos in few hours I received 100+ follows and likes.

Before joining group you must make sure that you must join such groups that has 100K+ members or more because if you join small member groups then it will give less benefits due to inactive members.

Never post in those groups that are not related to your niche, because people does not like to watch irrelevant things and it will give negative impact.

Go Live

Going live and iteracting to your fans is another best way to gain followers instantly.

The reason behind this is when anyone goes live on the page then a notification by Facebook is sent to all of the followers and as the result, followers will come to watch you and this will ultimately increase the engagement on your videos.

Premiere Videos

Facebook itself suggest its user to set premiere for your upcoming videos so the followers comes to know the title, date and time of videos before hand and they will come to see your videos.

Even your followers also receive notification through Facebook while your video is premiering. This will increase a lot of engagement and if in less time your video engagement is increased then definitely your video will go viral.

Sharing premiere videos in groups is also very helpful because such videos are always displayed at the top of any group due to which it gets more views and reaction than normal post.

Use of Hashtags

This is the latest feature that has been recently introduced to Facebook. Before many of the users where using hashtags while uploading post but this was not much effective but recently facebook has made big changes in their algorithms and start giving importance to the content that uses relevant hashtags.

while creating posts make use of hashtags related to the niche of the page for example if you are uploading cooking videos then in the description of the video make use of #foods, #cooking, etc.

This is because Facebook has internally created such types of popular hashtags that users follow and when you make use of these tags then your videos will be recommended to such people and in return, if any visitors found your video interesting then they may follow your page.


Facebook algorithms are day by day changing as the competition is increaseing therefore its very essenstial to understand the alogritham properly and implemt it then only will able to grow your page more easily.

if you have any questions regarding this post then feel free to comment on your views in the comment box. Thank You

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