How to Connect Domain with Google Cloud Hosting

Hello friends, if you have already installed WordPress on Google cloud and want to learn how to connect the domain name with Google Cloud hosting then don’t worry because in this tutorial I will share the simplest and easiest way to connect your domain that you have purchased from any domain name provider.

So, read this article and perform all the steps carefully without skipping any content.

Steps to Connect Domain Name with Cloud Hosting

Go to and sign in with your asocciated Gmail account.

Click on the console button located at right top and go to dashboard.

Now you need to copy the external IP address of your server where you have installed the WordPress

To get an external IP address click on the three lines in the top left to open the side bar menu and search for Compute Engine.

Click on the Compute Engine option and then from the secondary menu click on VM Instances.

Now you will see the list of machines that you have already created.

Take your cursor to the External IP address and copy it on the clipboard by clicking on the copy icon.

If you have multiple machines then before copying make sure that you copy the same IP address whose hosting you want to connect with domain.

Now click on Google cloud platform icon to return to the main dashboard and then again click on the three lines.

From the side Menu list search for Services option.

Click on Services and then from sub menu click on Cloud DNS.

On the next page click on Create Zone button on the top.

Now you need to select the zone type. Make sure that zone type must be public so that your website is visible to anyone on the internet.

Next give zone any name of your choice.

In the DNS Name enter your domain name in the this format – “”.

Leave rest of the options as it is and click on the Create button at the bottom.

On the next page click on ADD RECORD SET.

Again on the next page leave the first option as it is and choose Resource record type as “A“.

In the IPv4 address field past the external IP address of the machine that you have copied before and then click on the Create button.

Now again click on the ADD RECORD SET.

In the DNS name enter www and this time choose the Resource record type as CNAME.

In the canonical field enter the full domain name like for my domain, it will be “” and click on the Create button.

Next click on the Registrar Setup on the top right which will provide you list of name servers.

Now open a new tab and login into your domain registrar account. In my case I have purchased my domain from so, I will sign in to the NameCheap account.

Select the domain that you want to connect with cloud hosting by clicking on the Manage button.

Search for Name Servers and select custom DNS.

Now copy and paste one by one all the 4 Name servers and save changes.

Wait for at least 24 hours as it may take time to reflect changes. However, in most cases it takes only 5 to 10 minutes to successfully connect domain with the hosting.


There are also other methods too for connecting the domain with Google cloud hosting but above method is one of the best and simple process because it is similar for any domain name providers.

Thank you so much for reading my this article. If you find this article helpful then do share this with your friends and families because sharing is caring.

If you have still any problem while connecting domain name then comment your doubts and error in the comment box and I will happy to help you

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